June 26, 2008: Getting Closer...

First off, if anyone is keeping track, let me apologize for falling behind here. This past weekend was a little crazy as we had a whirlwind trip to Delaware, where my son will be starting college in the fall. The whole trip was about 90 hours, of which 32 were spent driving! Somehow I just didn't find time to get this blog written.

Things are moving forward towards opening the commercial studio space. Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus rolling the rock up the hill every day just to have it roll back at night. There's a lot of two steps forward, one step back, but I seem to be making progress, however slow and painful it may be at any given moment. I hope to have a lease in my hand in the next thirty days. Keep coming back here and you'll be the first to know the new address!

The brochures were a success, I think — the days they were delivered to most people were the two busiest days ever on this website, and the next four days were all in the top ten. I can't ask much more than that. Again, if you want a brochure, just drop me a line! I'll have an ad coming out in the Columbia Business Times, too, which will help. Look for me at Columbia Chamber of Commerce events, too. I figure I can't possibly do too much to put my name in front of everyone. And if I can get you to check out my portfolio here, well, that's just perfect!

At the same time this is coming together, plans are also coming together for Su Casa Studio. This will be my studio, also, but, as the name implies, I want it to be YOUR house. I'll be renting the studio (and equipment) out to other photographers or videographers. Rental studios are a popular thing on the coasts, but they seem pretty much unknown here in the Midwest. As near as I can determine there are two in the entire state of Missouri: one in Kansas City and one in Maplewood. Well, before the year's out, there'll be a third one in Columbia! I hope you all come and check it out. I'll be having open shoots and running classes and seminars and lots of other activities, so there's no reason you can't check it out if you're in the area!

Happy shooting!

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