The Photographer's Journal

This section is my “photographer's journal.” There are a few different sections, based mostly on length and intent. The “Journal Entries” are blogs and might contain almost anything. Hopefully the titles will be at least a little descriptive. “How-To's” are just what they sound like, usually fairly short, and likely to contain pictures or illustrations. “White Papers” tend to be longer articles, more than a page if you print them. They address some specific concept, though that may be practical, philosophical, or whatever. In any case, these are my musings — I hope you enjoy them!

A word about pronouns: I use the masculine pronouns (“he,” “him,” “his”) throughout these writings merely out of convenience and adherence to (possibly outmoded) grammatical rules. Unless referring to a specific individual, it is always intended to include members of both sexes equally. There is no justifiable reason for sexism in our industry or society.

Journal Entries How-To's White Papers
August 13, 2011: Hot, Dirty, Dark Work - I Love It!! Seeing Like a Camera Copyrights and Fair Use: Everything on the Web is Copyrighted
June 23, 2011: Sometimes Work Can Be Fun! Studio Lights: Strobes vs. Hot Lights A Tale of Two Ads - the whole story
June 17, 2011: Everything on the Web is Free Copyrighted Hard and Soft Light Chicken Little and Buggy Whips: The Digital Revolution in the Commercial Photography Business
June 9, 2011: "It's just a spigot..."
May 27, 2011: SoFoBoMo - Solo Photo Book Month
May 17, 2011: "Tasteful" web pages
May 10, 2011: That's NOT a half pipe...
May 3, 2011: The BIG Light
April 26, 2011: Architectural Photography - Part 2
April 19, 2011: Architectural Photography - Part 1
April 12, 2011: A Tale of Two Ads
June 26, 2008: Getting closer...
June 13, 2008: So much to know!
June 6, 2008: This is photography?
July 18, 2008: Catching up!
May 30, 2008: Getting Started

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