July 18, 2008: Catching up

Well, I've certainly fallen behind in keeping this updated! I've been thinking for weeks now that I'm about to post some BIG NEWS, but it just always seems a week or two off. So I'm going to go ahead and write about it now — I think we really are close at this point. What's the big news? Well, I've just about locked in commercial space for a fully-featured studio in downtown Columbia - 504 East Broadway, the old Columbia Auto Parts (for you long-time locals). Don't send me anything there yet, but hopefully I should have a signed lease in a couple weeks or so.

So let me tell you about this space. It's about 6,000 square feet, of which about 4500 square feet will be actual shooting space. This will be kept as one large available space, which can be partitioned with floor-to-ceiling light-tight curtains. In addition to the normal entrance, there is also a large garage door entrance so that vehicles can be brought in. In keeping with that, there will be a 25' hard cyclorama and a 6 foot by 25 foot softbox. Yep, that's right a twenty five foot long softbox. It'll be powered by 23 halogen lamps - about 5,000 Watts worth, guaranteeing an beautifully soft and even illumination, perfect not only for vehicles, but also large groups of people, furniture, industrial equipment, or anything else that can fit through a garage door!

I'll also have a product shooting table that will be about four feet by six feet with flexible lighting from any angle (including below through frosted glass) and an overhead camera mount. It can use a wide variety of sweeps including seamless paper, various materials, and even acrylic sheet. Best of all, it should take up very little room when stowed, but be deployable in just a couple minutes. I'll fill you in on the details of that once it's built and installed!

All in all it's been an exciting month!

Happy shooting!

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